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Interior & Exterior Painting

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Interior & Exterior Painting in Cerritos, CA

Forte Build and Design in Cerritos, CA is Los Angeles County's premier commercial and residential painting contractor. Our painting contractors will manage every stage of your project, from the color selection and necessary repairs to the prep work, paint application and clean-up. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship, dedication to the job, and beautiful, long-lasting results.

Exterior Painting in Cerritos, CA

There is really nothing like a fresh coat of paint to restore your home's beauty and life. Forte Build and Design knows how to achieve the best results and our Los Angeles County painting contractors will ensure your project is completed quickly.

We also know the key to an excellent exterior paint job is attention to details and careful preparation. This includes:
  • High pressure washing and sanding for a smooth, clean surface
  • Trenching around your home's foundation
  • Scraping off loose paint
  • An anti-mildew treatment with dry rot repair for long-lasting results
  • Caulking hairline cracks, fixing window glazing and patching damaged areas
  • Priming exposed wood
  • Masking all windows and light fixtures
  • Shielding all landscaping and other elements
  • Minor carpentry
  • Hand brush work for each corner
  • Waterproofing

Interior Painting in Cerritos, CA

If you are tired of the color of your walls or your ceilings, your walls look outdated or show signs of age (such as nail holes, stains and peeling paint), our painting contractors can help. Whether you have one room or an entire home you need painted, Forte Build and Design has you covered. Our painting contractors will take care of all the details, including sanding, patching, caulking and priming baseboards, doors and trim; priming all textured and patched areas; using a high-quality paint; and patching any imperfections for a flawless appearance. Our highly trained painters will exceed your expectations and use the highest quality materials applied through time-tested techniques to breathe new life into your home.

Other Painting Services in Cerritos, CA

Along with interior and exterior home painting, Forte Build and Design can handle specialty painting, including the following:
  • Painting cabinets using an HVLP spraying system. Our contractors can paint natural wood or cabinets that have been previously painted for an affordable update to your home.
  • Patio covers, wrought iron, gates, and fences.
  • Natural wood cabinets, including cleaning, touch-up staining and refinishing.

Our Promise to You

All work done by Forte Build and Design in Cerritos, CA is conducted in a professional manner while taking care of your property. Our contractors will ensure your windows, fixtures, landscaping and other areas are properly masked and protected during the project. When we leave your home, all equipment will be removed and your home left as clean as when we arrived. Our painters will always show up promptly at the scheduled time and complete the job promptly with a focus on quality and attention to detail.

Interior & Exterior Painting

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Our exceptional customer service and ability to meet and exceed time frames is just one of the many reasons to hire us for your next project. No job is too big or too small.