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Roofing in Cerritos, CA

Whether you need to replace your roof, have your roof repaired, or you just need an assessment, count on the residential roof experts at Forte Build and Design in Cerritos, CA. We offer warranties on all roofs we install and our roofing contractors have experience with every type of material, from shingles and tile to wood and asphalt.

Unlike other contractors, we go the extra mile and always perform a physical examination of your roof instead of relying on guess work to avoid nasty surprises and price increases down the road.

We will also help you navigate the numerous options for a perfect balance of cost, color, style and durability to find a roof that matches your property and budget.

Roof Inspections in Cerritos, CA

Forte Build and Design performs roof inspections to make sure the roof meets FHA standards, or to to give you an honest and complete analysis of your existing roof system to determine which, if any, repairs are necessary. Our analysis of your roof includes any replacement costs, repair costs, recommendations, pictures of anything that needs to be addressed and a report. Our Los Abgeles County roofing contractors will check for signs of leaks or roofing-related problems that should be addressed, and walk through the interior to check walls and ceilings for signs of leaks.

During our roof inspections in Cerritos, CA, we will:

  • Check for loose or missing tiles or shingles, cracked tiles or slippage, damage to metal panels, blistering or exposed paper,
  • Check for ridge cap integrity problems,
  • Pinpoint the source of any roof leaks,
  • Assess the functionality of the sheathing and paper underlayment,
  • Assess the condition of the flashing,
  • Check the soundness of the concrete mortar for tile roofs,
  • Check for debris buildup,
  • Check for dry rot and termite damage

Roof Repair in Cerritos, CA

Residential Roof Contractor

We are experienced at roof leak detection and repairs for all types of roofs, including clay tile, Spanish tile, and metal tile. We also guarantee that our workmanship is excellent, the roofing materials will be of the best quality and the job site will be meticulously cleaned. Whether you have a roof leak or need to repair or replace shingles or tiles, count on Forte Build and Design to get the job done right.

New Roofs in Cerritos, CA

When it is necessary to install a new roof, the right contractor makes all the difference. We believe in quality, and this shows through in our work. We install new tile roofs, composite roofs, and metal roofs that come with a warranty and a guarantee of excellent workmanship. Our contractors will also help you determine if a new roof is necessary, or if repairs may be done.

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Our exceptional customer service and ability to meet and exceed time frames is just one of the many reasons to hire us for your next project. No job is too big or too small.