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Room Additions In Harbor Hills, CA

Are you thinking about expanding your home with a new room? Room additions, when done properly, do more than increase your home's square footage and give you much-needed space; an addition can also make your home more attractive and increase its value when you are ready to sell or get an equity loan. Whether you want to accommodate a new family member or just give some breathing room, Forte Build and Design can help. Our Los Angeles County room addition contractors have years of experience and have the ability to make your vision a reality.

Is A Room Addition In Harbor Hills, CA The Right Move?

  • A room addition is cheaper than moving. If you want to add another bathroom, bedroom or work space to your home, adding a room will usually be cheaper than moving and more realistic.
  • Create the home of your dreams in Harbor Hills, CA. Maybe your home was your dream home -- until you ran out of room. Maybe you have always dreamed of having a personal library, game room or theater. A simple room addition can help you create the home of your dreams.
  • More privacy. Children want more privacy as they get older, especially if your children already share a room.

Planning For A Room Addition In Harbor Hills, CA

While adding new space to your home is not really the same as building a new house, it does come with challenges. You can mitigate some of these challenges through good planning. Our room addition contractors will start by determining your goals. What type of room do you want? How many square yards? What will be your return on investment?

After a discussion about the features you want and a concept idea, we will design and plan your room addition with a detailed plan incorporating your ideas.

The cost of a room addition depends on the size and complexity of the project, as well as the type of materials used. We will provide a free estimate and a cost breakdown, which includes arranging for any demolition or site preparation, architectural design services to make sure the addition complements your existing home, pouring the foundation, building the support beam system, shingles and siding, finishing ceilings and walls, insulation, windows, carpeting, molding, carpentry, and tying into an existing HVAC system with electrical and lighting that is up to code.

Our Promise To You

Adding A Room To My House

Forte Build and Design in Harbor Hills, CA will keep you in mind throughout the process, listening to your concerns, answering any questions you have, and helping you add much-needed space to your home.

Count on our Los Angeles County room addition contractors to:

  • Treat you and your home with respect,
  • Show up promptly on time,
  • Maintain a clean work site,
  • Complete your room addition on time,
  • Obtain all necessary work permits,
  • Install state-of-the-art materials and show attention to detail.

If your home lacks space for you and your family, or you have always dreamed of having space for a library, home theater or man cave , get in touch with Forte Build and Design in Harbor Hills, CA today to get started.

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