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Sunrooms and Rec Rooms

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Sunrooms and Rec Rooms in Harbor Hills, CA

Want to add new space to your home to entertain, enjoy the outdoors or take in some crafts? If so, a sunroom may be the best option. Unlike a room addition, sunrooms and rec rooms usually do not have the same level of privacy and have no need for plumbing or an exit outside of the home. This type of specialty room addition is designed for leisure and entertainment. Sunrooms and rec rooms are not just an affordable way to add more living space to your home; they can also increase the value of your home on resale.

Forte Build and Design's Los Angeles County sunroom contractors in Harbor Hills, CA can help you design and install a sunroom or rec room that is customized to your needs. We install vinyl, wood and aluminum sunroom systems that can be used throughout the year, along with solariums, pool enclosures and other specialty additions.

Why a Sunroom in Harbor Hills, CA?

Sunrooms are rooms added to your home that are primarily enclosed in glass. Sunrooms are great multi-purpose rooms that allow you to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors without being troubled by bad weather or pests. Sunrooms are also a great place to entertain, get creative, or just relax.

Many homeowners add a sunroom to entertain during meals. If this sounds like your plan, consider an east-facing sunroom to enjoy the morning sun at breakfast, or a south-facing sunroom for a play room for children.

Sunroom Considerations in Harbor Hills, CA

Every sunroom addition is different. The following are some important considerations to keep in mind.
  • Your inspiration. You can find great sunroom ideas online or in magazines. Save the ideas you like to show our Los Angeles County sunroom contractors, who can then use this as inspiration to create a design for your home.
  • Budget. Your budget will determine the size as well as the complexity of the sunroom. Consider whether you will pay for the project from savings or borrow through a home equity line or second mortgage, in which case you should decide on a comfortable monthly payment.
  • Size. Think about the size you want, as well as the size you need, to make sure you do not exceed your budget. Our contractors can also help you suggest compromises to make sure you get everything you need at a price you can afford.
  • Function. Consider how the sunroom will be used. If you will use it as a home office, you will need more electrical outlets and wiring and less light. If you want great outdoor views and brightness, this will require larger windows.
  • Details. You should also consider the details you want. This includes air conditioning and heating, screening, operational windows, ceiling fans, and the level of finish.

Why Forte Build and Design in Harbor Hills, CA?

Forte Build and Design will give you a free estimate on your sunroom or rec room project, answer all of your questions and design a space that stays within your budget yet meets your needs.

You can count on our Los Angeles County sunroom contractors in Harbor Hills, CA to:
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  • Arrive promptly on the job site,
  • Maintain a clean work site,
  • Respect you and your home,
  • Complete the project by the guaranteed completion date,
  • Obtain any necessary permits, and
  • Install durable, state-of-the-art materials.
Rec rooms and sunrooms are more affordable than you may think. Contact us today to get a free estimate and see just how easy it is for your vision to become a reality.

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